Fetch Rewards Affiliate Program
Earn more of what you love. Get receipt rich.

How does this work?

We're partnering with influencers to promote Fetch Rewards - the newest Canadian cash back app, getting users cash back on everyday online and in-store purchases!
How does the partnership program work?
You will earn $7.50 (cad) for each follower you refer to sign-up for Ampli and connects their debit / credit card.
Compliance & Creative
We provide pre-approved creatives, messaging and examples of how other influencers are successfully promoting Ampli on a recurring basis.
Reporting & Stats
Each Friday you will be automatically emailed a report containing all of your click, conversion and earning stats. Partners who earn $500+ (cad) will be invited to join our premium network which includes live reporting.
Getting Paid
We pay via PayPal monthly on a 30 day EOM term, once your account reaches a $100 (cad) balance. Partners below that balance will be paid every 3 months. All numbers are finalized 7 days after the end of a calendar month.
Program Basics
Introduce Fetch Rewards to your audience through exclusive incentives, Fetch Rewards reviews, sponsored content, videos, and so much more!

Earn points on ANY receipt from ANY store or restaurant

Redeem points for gift cards and other rewards

Redeem Special Offers

Refer Friends

Buy Popular Brands

Submit eReceipts

Become an affiliate in 3 steps
Provide your details in the secure form by clicking Get started below.
Receive a confirmation email (with your unique Impact link) confirming you are set up.
Start promoting Fetch Rewards to your network and earn uncapped commissions.

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